Pinole (Messages to your pager...)


Pinole is a Perl-based script that allows you to send written messages to mobile devices (phones and pagers) using an email alias. It currently supports mobile devices of Telcel, Iusacell, Pegaso PCS, Nextel, Digitel, Techtel, Biper, Intercom, and SkyTel (all of them in Mexico). Others can easily be added.

How it works?

Send an email message to a sendmail alias on any UNIX system running sendmail. In the Subject field write the message that you want to send to the mobile device. The message is parsed by Pinole and then a connection is made to the Service Provider Home Page to deliver the message.

How can be used?

Just add this line to your /etc/hosts.deny file:

ALL: ALL: spawn (/usr/sbin/safe_finger -l @%h | mail -s "(%s) Unauthorized access attempt from %c" ) &

The %s is for protocol used and the %c is the host trying to get access.

Add this lines to your $HOME/.forward file:

# cat %HOME/.forward

When an E-mail arrives it will be stored on your inbox and a message will be sent to your pager with the subject of the email.


Download the latest version. (Pinole 1.1.1).


Check the README file (Spanish).. English version available soon.

Send comments to: madss at users dot sourceforge dot net.


Thanks to Sourceforge for supporting Pinole. Logo